Casting Calls

Characters currently casting. 10 episodes in first season. INITIALLY UNPAID. When this is big enough to monetize, there will be financial compensation, including back pay. Ages listed are character ages. Grayed out characters have been cast.


Episode 2: The Flood

GUNN/MR. JACKSON:  Early 40s. Business man, fair, honest and good natured. Sweet on Louise. Owns the property the cemetery was on.

SYKES: 30s. Impatient, a touch arrogant, leery of Eli and afraid of spirits. He's the structural inspector at Mr. Jackson's company.

SHOPKEEPER: 50s. First a fun-loving businessman in a small coal mining town. After his death, he's bitter and angry and expects Eli to help. When she refuses, he turns to vengeance.

MR. SYKES: 40s. Ancestor of above Sykes. Timid, meek, easily manipulated. Inspector for coal company's dam.

BOSS: 50s. Owns the coal company and town. Arrogant, bully, only cares about making and saving money.

Episode 3: The Storm

JOHN: Late 20s. Abusive husband and a drunk.

SARAH: 10. John's sister-in-law, victim of his abuse along with her sister (John's wife).

Episode 4: Possession

MR. THORPE:  40s. Property owner who inherited a cursed piece of land that demands sacrifice to keep dark entities trapped. Hires Eli to repair stones damaged by a fallen tree.

HOPE: 3. Autistic child offered as sacrifice rather than be institutionalized. The strngth of her innocence helps keep the dark entities trapped.