Photo by Janelle Leonard


A teen witch discovers she has powers that her evil father will do anything to possess.

ELIZABETH “ELI” TOLER has always been able to see spirits and perform minor spells. With a wall built against the outside world for most of her 17 years, opening herself to learning cemetery restoration is enough of a crack in her defenses to alert the spirits, and other entities, to her presence.

When the spirits start looking back and asking for her help, Eli turns to her guardian, LOUISE WALSH, for help. But Louise directs her to RENEE -- Eli's estranged mother -- for training before Halloween, when the veil between the living and dead will be at its thinnest. News of her father, JOSHUA's impending death makes matters worse when Eli is forced to realize that Joshua's physical death will release his spiritual energy to come for the power he's been demanding she give him since she was six,